I began my career as an illustrator at the age of 17, creating book covers, movie posters, magazine covers, advertising and editorials. At 19, I bought my first house in Santa Cruz on Pleasure Point, pursuing my passion for surfing, music, building lead sleds, choppers and painting.

In 1982, I was commissioned by O’Neill, to create a painting for a poster. Not long after, I accepted a position with them in the art department creating ads, graphics, logos, packaging and apparel. After 8 years in the art department, I moved to the position of Senior Designer in Product Development, designing the entire wetsuit line, hats, backpacks, duffles, wallets, watches, sunglasses and apparel along with the entire range of accessories throughout the 90’s. I’m so stoked that Jack invented the wetsuit, providing a job where I got away with murder my whole career - with a 500 yard commute to work and the requirement that I surf everyday as a part of my job!

In 2001, I founded my own creative agency, 57design, producing branding, web sites, print ads and product design for companies like Nike, Harley-Davidson, The Santa Cruz Symphony, Dell, Brylise Tahitian Pearls, Surftech, Santa Cruz Waves and many others.

I hand pick young, creative people to work with and mentor - they inspire and motivate, pushing the envelope of what can be done. Whether designing logos, print collateral or apparel, I've always loved the collaborative process of blowing up brands and I still often commute via paddleboard to my office.